When to Hire a Lawyer for College and University Sexual Misconduct (Title IX Violations)

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Title IX protects the rights of students and employees on college and university campuses. This law prohibits gender discrimination, sexual harassment and assault, and unlawful retaliation. Title IX applies and protects all students and employees on campus, regardless of sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

If you are a survivor of sexual violence or misconduct at a college or university, you may wonder what rights you have under Title IX. Grant & Eisenhofer’s Title IX lawyers can help you understand your rights and fight to hold those responsible accountable.

Common Title IX Cases

Title IX protects all students and employees on college and university campuses that receive federal funds. This includes most schools, including private institutions and schools for students in grades K-12. Title IX covers a wide range of issues at colleges and universities, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, and gender-based discrimination that deprives a person access to educational benefits and opportunities.

Under Title IX, a college or university must respond to, provide adequate resources for, and take meaningful action when a student or employee raises a complaint of sexual misconduct, harassment, or discrimination. However, this does not always occur. When a university or college fails to respond to complaints appropriately, survivors should consider contacting an experienced Title IX lawyer.

When You Need a Title IX Lawyer

Allegations of sexual misconduct are not always handled appropriately by colleges and universities. The college or university may fail to investigate allegations fully or fail to take appropriate action. Speaking to a lawyer may help survivors understand their legal options.

Any survivor who believes that a college or university has mishandled their Title IX claim may have a basis to bring a Title IX lawsuit. A lawyer experienced with Title IX claims can help survivors seek accountability and justice for their mishandled claim, and can also help survivors initiate a civil Title IX lawsuit or file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights and/or the Department of Education (DOE).

It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible, as there are rules and deadlines that apply to these situations. If you believe that your college or university has not adequately responded to your complaint of sexual misconduct, consider hiring an attorney who is experienced with these types of claims.

Are You A Sexual Assault Survivor? You Are Not Alone.

Colleges and universities must respond to Title IX complaints, including those based on sexual misconduct, and take all such complaints seriously. When they fail to do so, survivors may be eligible to file a claim based on a Title IX violation.

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