School Bullying

Was Your Child Injured or Committed Suicide After Being Bullied at School?

While bullying is often written off as part of growing up, bullying can have serious consequences impacting a student’s well-being and safety. Stories of classmate bullying ending in violence, attempted suicide or suicide are far too common. The prevalence of cyberbullying has amplified the issue in recent years, especially among teenagers. If school officials are aware of persistent harassment and bullying and fail to act, they may be liable.

How Grant & Eisenhofer Civil Rights Lawyers Can Help

If your child sustained mental or physical injuries, or took his or her own life after being bullied at school, you may be able to file a bullying lawsuit against the parties responsible for inflicting harm on your child. Call (855) 244-2031 to discuss your potential claim or use our online form. We offer free consultations.