What Are the Top Warning Signs of Cyberbullying?

Technology provides children with a whole new platform for bullying. Students can bully others on the internet and social media. This is known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can have adverse effects on a child’s mental and physical well-being. Parents may be curious about the signs of cyberbullying. Key warning signs of cyberbullying among children include:
  • Being afraid to go to school
  • Acting nervous or secretive about his or her digital life
  • Abrupt physical changes, primarily in mood, behavior, sleep and appetite

Being Afraid to Go to School

Being afraid or reluctant to go to school is one of the biggest warning signs of cyberbullying. If kids at school are harassing your child online, then they may try to avoid attending school. This includes asking you for permission to skip school or come home early during the school day. They may even skip school without your permission.

Acting Nervous or Secretive About His or Her Digital Life

Victims of cyberbullying often do not want others to know about the bullying behavior. They may feel embarrassed or ashamed of what they are experiencing. Your child may go to great lengths to conceal any evidence of cyberbullying. This includes hiding his or her digital device when you are near or avoiding discussions about online activity. Additionally, you may notice your child becoming nervous or jumpy when receiving an instant message, text message or email. These are all common warning signs of cyberbullying.

Abrupt Physical Changes

Another major warning sign of cyberbullying is abrupt physical changes. If you notice that your child has lost weight over a short period of time, this may be a sign of cyberbullying. If your child’s sleep habits change all of the sudden, he or she may be experiencing cyberbullying. Changing sleep patterns may negatively impact your child’s mood and behavior. It is important to look out for any severe emotional changes, including signs of depression or withdrawal from normal life.

How an Attorney May be Able to Help

Is your child the victim of cyberbullying at school? If so, then you may assume that contacting the school is your only option for resolving the issue. This is not necessarily the case. While currently there are no federal laws against school bullying, you may find that your state criminalizes cyberbullying under its harassment statutes. An attorney that handles cyberbullying may be able to help you file a lawsuit against multiple parties. He or she may find that the school board or school district is liable for the bullying behavior. Consult with an attorney to review your potential legal options. You may find that you are able to pursue legal recourse on behalf of your child.

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