Can You Sue for Cyberbullying?

Parents and guardians often want to know, “Can I sue for cyberbullying?” This is a difficult question to answer, because it depends on the circumstances surrounding your child’s situation.

Is Cyberbullying Illegal?

Cyberbullying can be illegal. This form of bullying may have legal consequences depending on the situation. Cyberbullying law is still relatively new and constantly evolving as cyberbullying has become more prevalent. However, you may have legal options under current federal laws, state laws or school policies.

Federal Laws Against Cyberbullying

Currently, there is not a federal law specific to bullying or cyberbullying. However, in some situations, cyberbullying may overlap with discrimination. Federal law protects certain characteristics. These characteristics include:
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender and/or gender identity
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity

State Laws Against Cyberbullying

Many states have adopted anti-bullying laws to protect students. Many of these laws also reference cyberbullying or electronic harassment. An attorney that handles school bullying can help you understand whether your state’s laws can be applied to your child’s situation. Your child’s school district or school may also have its own policy against bullying and cyberbullying.

Who Can I Sue for Cyberbullying?

Depending on your situation, you may be able to file a cyberbullying lawsuit against one or more of the following parties:
  • School board
  • School district
  • Parents of bullies responsible for inflicting harm on your child
You can read more about school liability for bullying here. The best way to determine whether you can sue for cyberbullying is to speak to an attorney experienced in bullying cases. If your child sustained mental or physical injuries, or took his or her own life after being cyberbullied, reach out to the attorneys at Grant & Eisenhofer P.A.

Discuss Your Situation With an Attorney Experienced in Handling Cyberbullying Cases

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