By: Barbara Hart, Principal in G&E’s Civil Rights Practice In an effort to shed light on the stories of survivors of sexual violence, Louisiana State University has launched a new exhibit called “What I Wore.” The exhibit, on view at the LSU Student Union, showcases the types of clothing that sexual assault survivors wore when they were attacked. Among the items on display are baggy sweatshirts, oversized t-shirts, and even a pair of child-sized shoes. The exhibit offers survivors who were sexually assaulted on campus a safe space to raise awareness about the impact of sexual violence not only on the survivors themselves, but on the University community at large. “We felt this was something really powerful and that it was an opportunity for our campus community to engage in meaningful, challenging and change-worthy dialogue around sexual violence and how it impacts all of us,” said LSU’s Women’s Center Director Summer Steib. The exhibit not only brings visibility to the stories of these survivors, but does so in a manner that creates a very tangible and real image of sexual violence for the general public. If you or a loved one have been a victim of sexual violence and you feel that you or they have not been heard by your college or university, speak with an attorney experienced in Title IX proceedings. Your voice is important and deserves to be heard to bring justice and hold perpetrators accountable. Contact our law firm today. We believe you, and we want to hear from you.