A Texas mother has filed a lawsuit on behalf of her son, a second-grader with special needs, alleging he was sexually assaulted. The lawsuit claims the assault occurred on the school bus, and accuses the school district of failing to protect the boy.

The suit claims that an older student forced the second-grader to perform sexual acts while on the bus. At the time of the assault, the victim was a special education second-grader at Katy Independent School District. The lawsuit also contends the older student repeatedly harassed the second grader and demanded sexual favors. Another student riding the bus reported the assault to administrators.

The victim’s mother learned of the incidents two months after they occurred. The school did not separate the students during lunch, recess, and other social activities, and refused to transfer the harasser. “It’s something he’s going to live with forever,” the victim’s mother said. “The school district has a duty to protect our children and they have not done so.”

What Can You Do if You Have Special Needs and Were Sexually Assaulted?

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