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Our civil rights lawyers represent clients throughout the United States in civil rights violation cases. We handle cases involving wrongful conviction, sexual assault or harassment, inmates’ rights and discrimination. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss your situation.

Filing a Lawsuit Against a Jail After Mistreatment

If you are arrested and sent to jail, you deserve fair and safe treatment. This is a constitutional right. However, prisoner mistreatment and harm does occur in prison systems across the country. When you suffer mistreatment or injury in jail, it is important to explore your legal rights. Can You Sue a Jail for Mistreatment? If [...]

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Man Exonerated, Receives $3.1 Million Settlement After Decades in Jail

After close to 40 years behind bars for a murder that he did not commit, Frederick Clay was released from prison and awarded a $3.1 million settlement. Mr. Clay, now 57-years old, was exonerated three years ago after investigators reached a conclusion that the Boston Police Department’s poor investigation led to his wrongful conviction. The settlement [...]

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Protecting Your Civil Rights in a Post-Floyd World

When George Floyd, an African-American man, was killed by a police officer during an arrest in Minneapolis, MN in May 2020, it set off a firestorm of protests. People objecting to the circumstances of his death, and to police violence against black people in general, organized protests across the United States and internationally. Reactions to Floyd’s [...]

7th Circuit Reverses Lower Court Decision Concerning Military Employment

David Mueller, Joliet Police Department Sergeant and member of the National Guard, received orders to report for full-time National Guard duty from May to September 2016. Shortly thereafter, Mueller received an email from Joliet’s Chief of Police indicating that he would be placed on an unpaid leave of absence, that he would not accrue personal time [...]

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$750,000 Manufactured Evidence Verdict Upheld by Judge

A $750,000 verdict has been upheld by U.S. District Judge Virginia M. Kendall in favor of a man who alleged that members of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) crafted evidence against him during a murder investigation. The judge conceded that the narratives CPD detectives and the plaintiff Anthony Tucker told regarding the incident were completely different [...]

What Are Common Types of Workplace Discrimination?

If you have recently experienced discrimination at work, you may feel at a loss for what to do. You may wonder if you have options to address the unfair, discriminatory treatment. Fortunately, victims of workplace discrimination have the right to report this discrimination while protected from retaliation. Workers should be aware of the types of workplace [...]

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What Does It Mean to Be Exonerated?

Wrongful imprisonment is a fact of life in the American justice system. Research has uncovered some common causes of wrongful conviction. These causes include: Improper Forensics: Forensic science techniques that lack scientific validation or reliability. Eyewitness Misidentification: While eyewitness testimony is widely trusted in courtroom settings, the human memory is not infallible. False and coerced confessions [...]

What Are Leading Causes of Wrongful Convictions?

Can You Sue for Wrongful Conviction? Being convicted of a crime that you did not commit can destroy your life. Even after exoneration, the effects of wrongful conviction can persist and leave you with no idea about what to do next. What options are available? Can you sue for wrongful conviction? Yes, depending on the facts [...]

Connecticut Becomes Next State Attorney General Office with Civil Rights Division

In May 2019, the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office got the green light to create a civil rights division after the Connecticut House of Representatives approved the initiative in an 82-63 vote. Attorney General William Tong, whose election platform focused heavily on the establishment of the division, joins more than 20 other state Attorneys General who similarly [...]

Supreme Court Ruling Gives Plaintiffs More Time to Sue Over Fabricated Evidence

In a new Supreme Court ruling, criminal defendants will have additional time to file claims against police or prosecutors who fabricate evidence in their trials. The case, McDonough v. Smith, addresses claims of former Democratic Commissioner of the Rensselaer County Board of Elections Edward McDonough, who was acquitted in New York state court of forging absentee [...]