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Our lawyers for school bullying represent children and families throughout the United States. If your child sustained mental or physical injuries, or took his or her own life after being bullied at school, you may be able to file a bullying lawsuit against the responsible parties. Call us today to discuss your situation.

School District Reaches Bullying Settlement with DOJ

Bullying in schools has become an increasing problem across the United States, but for one school, Federal Way public schools in Washington, instances of school bullying were out of control.  Moreover, between 2013 and 2015, complaints were made that Federal Way was not properly investigating reports of bullying from students, including reported physical and verbal harassment [...]

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Lawsuit Claims 8-Year Old Boy was Bullied, Ignored

The mother of a young boy has filed a lawsuit against Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. The case alleges that the school district neglected to protect the boy from severe bullying. The student attends Grant Elementary School in Santa Monica, CA. The boy’s mother contends that school district employees “ignored ongoing incidents of physical and verbal [...]

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Video of Pennsylvania High School Bullying Incident Goes Viral

A video depicting a boy being punched in the face while his attacker is egged on by classmates, which was taken in the bathroom of Greater Nanticoke Area High School in Pennsylvania, has gone viral. The video has been shared across Snapchat and Facebook, and has led to possible criminal charges to be filed against the [...]

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Lawsuit Alleges School Board Failed to Protect Boy Who Was Sexually Abused and Bullied

A lawsuit, filed in December 2019, claims a first grader was bullied and sexually abused by another student at Audubon Elementary on Merritt Island, FL. The complaint alleges that the school board was negligent in handling a series of incidents that were reported between October 2016 and May 2017, which led to “severe and permanent … [...]

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G&E Files Bullying Suicide Case for Family of 9-Year Old Girl

Fourth grader Mckenzie Adams suffered persistent abuse and bullying at U.S. Jones Elementary in Linden Alabama. Tormented for her African-American race and gender, as well as her friendship with a Caucasian classmate, Mckenzie reported the bullying to school officials but was ignored. She hung herself in December 2018.  Grant & Eisenhofer represents Mckenzie’s family in a [...]

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Cincinnati Boy’s Bullying Suicide Under Review in 6th Circuit

Third-grader Gabriel Taye was bullied at school on the day he hung himself in January 2017, according to attorneys representing the boy’s family in a case against Cincinnati Public Schools and school officials. Two days prior to the tragedy, the 8-year old Carson Elementary School student was knocked unconscious by one of peers in a school [...]

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