By: Cindy Morgan, Associate in G&E’s Civil Rights Practice Group According to a recently filed lawsuit, a former Navarro College cheerleader has accused a male teammate of sexually assaulting her. The plaintiff alleges she was assaulted by the teammate in September 2021. Shortly afterward, she reported the assault to the head cheerleading coach. The lawsuit, filed in a Dallas, TX court, notes a culture of abuse, violence, hazing, and cover-ups that has infiltrated the Navarro cheer program. Reportedly, the coach tried to silence the survivor from making her claims public, trying to cover up the situation, while campus police also downplayed the incident. The lawsuit further alleged that Navarro College failed to train employees on how to handle sexual assault claims from survivors. Navarro College’s Bulldogs cheer squad became famous when it was featured in the Netflix docuseries “Cheer.” Colleges and universities that receive federal funding are required by law—known as Title IX—to adequately investigate complaints of sexual violence on campus. That protection extends to sexual assault, harassment, or any form of sexual misconduct. Many universities have dedicated departments that handle Title IX sexual misconduct claims, but that often is not enough. When schools mishandle your complaints or turn a blind eye altogether, you may have a valid claim to file in court.

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If you or someone you love is a survivor of sexual misconduct or sexual violence at a college, university, or other education institution, it’s important to know your rights and have someone fighting for you to hold those responsible accountable. Hiring a Title IX lawyer may be an option for you. If you feel you have not been heard by your college or university, speak with an attorney experienced in Title IX proceedings by calling 855-244-2031.

Cindy Morgan