By: Samantha Breitner, Associate in G&E’s Civil Rights Practice Group As the recently-enacted New York Adult Survivors Act takes effect, survivors of sexual abuse have a new one-year window to file their claims. The look-back bill became effective in November 2022, and since then, many claims have already been filed. These include cases against high-profile individuals and other survivors whose claims may have been previously time-barred. Dozens of additional suits may also be filed by survivors of sexual abuse by a former Columbia University male gynecologist—about 150 claims against him have previously been settled. Under the New York law known as the Child Victims Act, which went into effect in 2019, survivors of sexual abuse were permitted, for a period of two-years, to bring claims against priests, coaches, doctors and others for sexual assaults that occurred decades ago. Approximately 11,000 claims were filed under this Act, bringing survivors one step closer to closure on the horrific experiences they had as a child. “After the success of the child victims act, after the #MeToo movement, and the people who came forward to voice abuse and assault that took place years ago, this allows people to access the justice system. It takes a lot of moral conviction to come forward,” says Wendy Murphy, a former federal sex crime prosecutor who now teaches at New England Law | Boston.

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