The mother of a young boy has filed a lawsuit against Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. The case alleges that the school district neglected to protect the boy from severe bullying. The student attends Grant Elementary School in Santa Monica, CA.

The boy’s mother contends that school district employees “ignored ongoing incidents of physical and verbal abuse” and “violated his civil rights.” She also claims that while she repeatedly reported the bullying, nothing was done to stop it. As a result, her son suffered from “severe physical, emotional and mental injury.”

The boy, who is African-American, has been bullied by several students for over two years. The bullying involved name-calling, physical abuse, and threats to kill him. The bullying became so severe, that his mother removed him from school for two weeks to receive counseling. Once the boy started talking about suicide, his mother sought out an attorney to save her son.

The lawsuit also alleges that the school district employees are not trained to handle bullying incidents. In fact, the child was intimidated and embarrassed when he reported the harassment.

The lawsuit seeks damages including:

  • past and future expenses related to medical treatment
  • emotional trauma
  • loss of ability to learn
  • past and future damages for pain, suffering, and other personal injuries

What Can You Do if Your Child was Injured or Died After Being Bullied at School?

If your child sustained mental or physical injuries, or took his or her own life after being bullied at school, contact us today. You may be able to file a bullying lawsuit. School boards, school districts, or parents of bullies may be responsible for inflicting harm on your child.

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