By: Barbara Hart, Principal in G&E’s Civil Rights Practice  In October 2023, a federal court jury found that Baylor University was negligent in its handling of a Title IX lawsuit filed by a former student. The female student was awarded $270,000 after alleging she was physically abused by a football player in 2014.  Almost 10 years ago, then-Baylor University student Dolores Lozano reported to school officials that she had been physically assaulted by her former boyfriend, and Baylor University football running back, in March and April of 2014. Her experience occurred alongside a long-running sexual abuse scandal involving Baylor football players that resulted in a settlement on behalf of 15 female survivors, announced in September 2023. A federal jury in Waco, TX awarded Lozano $270,000 in damages after it found, after two days of deliberations, that Baylor was negligent in the way it handled her domestic violence claims.  The verdict consisted of $40,000 for past physical pain and mental anguish, $190,000 for future physical pain and mental anguish, and $40,000 for future health care expenses. The group of jurors found that Baylor violated Title IX by maintaining deliberate indifference to reports of sexual harassment, which created a greater chance that Lozano could be injured. “We are incredibly grateful,” Lozano commented after the eight-day trial. “I would like to say to all the women out there this is not just about me or Baylor. It was for all of us, the women across all the universities…” Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Potential Title IX Sexual Assault Case  Many colleges and universities have a Title IX department staffed with officials to handle Title IX sexual misconduct claims.  Sometimes, however, that is not enough and students’ claims go unanswered, are mishandled, or are not investigated in a timely manner. If you or someone you love is a survivor of sexual misconduct or sexual violence at a college, university, or other education institution, it’s important to know your rights and have someone fighting for you to hold those responsible accountable. Hiring a Title IX lawyer may be an option for you. If you feel you have not been heard by your college or university, speak with an attorney experienced in Title IX proceedings.