By: Samantha Breitner, Associate in G&E’s Civil Rights Practice Group Representing over 30 child sexual assault survivors abused by a former Catholic school gym teacher, Grant & Eisenhofer’s Barbara Hart and the team of civil rights attorneys found disturbing documents in the alleged perpetrator’s apartment. These cases were bought under New York’s Child Victims Act, alleging sexual abuse at the hand of former Westchester county teacher Edwin “Ted” Gaynor decades ago. Survivors, some of whom are now in their late 60s, say they sustained the abuse while when they were students at St. Bernard’s in White Plains; Immaculate Heart of Mary in Scarsdale, and Holy Rosary in Hawthorne. In November 2022, attorneys discovered thousands of pages of documents and other troubling mementos at Gaynor’s Ossining apartment, including copies of letters written to the plaintiff survivors decades ago. Documents dating back to the 1940s had been saved, along with correspondence with young boys up until the 2010s. Also uncovered were notes that Gaynor took at confidential meetings with investigators who were hired by the Archdiocese—meetings that had not been previously disclosed over the course of the litigation. Now, Hart and the team argue that the Archdiocese should have disclosed their knowledge from the investigation and let the Court decide whether or not the information is privileged under New York law. Unfortunately, the death of Gaynor in May of 2022 left many survivors of child sexual abuse without resolution and closure.

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