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Lawsuit Against Connecticut Diocese and Late Priest Alleges Sexual Assault  

In another sexual abuse lawsuit brought against a Catholic diocese in Connecticut, the plaintiff alleges he was raped by a former priest at his sister’s wedding in 1992 when he was nine years old. The lawsuit claims the church knew that the defendant, now-deceased Kiernan Ahern of the Diocese of Bridgeport, was a threat to children [...]

Class of 6,600 UCLA Students Achieve $73 Million Sex Abuse Settlement

A $73 million medical sexual abuse settlement reached on behalf of University of California, Los Angeles students has been preliminarily approved by Central District of California District Judge R. Gary Klausner. The settlement resolves allegations that Dr. James Heaps, a former UCLA gynecologist, made sexual comments or sexually abused students during exams. The case was brought [...]

Sex Abuse Claims Against Catholic Priest Brought in North Carolina

A December 2020 lawsuit alleges a North Carolina Catholic priest sexually assaulted an altar boy on church property for several years. The plaintiff, now in his 20s, was between the ages of five and seven years old when the alleged assaults occurred. The defendant priest had already served an eight-year prison sentence for sex crimes and [...]

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Sex Abuse Claims against Catholic Clergy Quadrupled in 2019

Sexual abuse has become far too prevalent in recent years—particularly among members of the Catholic priesthood. According to the Washington Post, in 2019, allegations of sex abuse by the Catholic clergy increased 4-fold compared to the prior five years. The annual audit released by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops surveyed 200 diocese and religious entities [...]

Survey at FEMA Uncovers Civil Rights Violations

In early December 2020, FEMA released the results of a survey pertaining to harassment and discrimination within the agency.  The results showed that out of nearly half of agency employees who responded to the survey, 20% of FEMA workers have experienced a civil rights violation due to their sex. Almost the same number of employees said [...]

NY Attorney General Files Sex Abuse Suit Against Catholic Diocese

In a new lawsuit brought by the New York Attorney General, three bishops from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo are accused of covering up sexual abuse by over two dozen priests. The allegations, which purportedly took place for years, violate church policy and state law. The Attorney General’s suit aims to apply civil laws to sue [...]

Transgender Woman Victim of Sexual Abuse in Prison—Again

According to a recent lawsuit, an incarcerated transgender woman endured multiple accounts of sexual assault and harassment after being forced into lockup with men in a Georgia prison. Unfortunately, this was not her first experience with such horrific treatment. Five years prior, she endured the same type of horrific treatment after being incarcerated for a minor, [...]

Maryland Employers Required to Disclose Workplace Sexual Harassment Settlements

To comply with the Disclosing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act of 2018, every employer in Maryland with 50 or more employees must now report sexual harassment settlements to the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights (“MCCR”). The MCCR will soon publish the aggregate statistics of settlements reported. Employers are also required to submit this information again [...]

Bus Driver to Serve 20 Years in Prison after Sexually Assaulting 5-Year Old with Special Needs

Earlier this year, a former school bus driver was sentenced to 20 years in prison—the maximum sentence possible—after pleading guilty to inappropriately touching a special needs student. The victim, a 5-year old from Austin, TX, was sexually assaulted multiple times by the bus driver during the spring of 2018. The parents of the victim noticed their [...]

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Sentencing for Former Teacher’s Aid Accused of Assaulting Special Needs Girl

After a former 61-year old teacher’s aide pleaded guilty to inappropriately touching a young special education student, he was sentenced to probation. The aide allegedly repeatedly committed these crimes from 2015 to 2017, when the victim was just 11 years old. The victim’s parents became suspicious of the abuse when their daughter, who had previously enjoyed [...]

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