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Transgender Employee Fired Based on Gender Identity, Lawsuit Alleges

In a wrongful termination case filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, a transgender nursing assistant alleges that she was fired from her job at Genesis HealthCare due to her gender identity. The plaintiff alleges harassment beginning in February 2020 when a nursing director purportedly made offensive comments toward her. Following these remarks, the plaintiff said [...]

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Google Resolves Discrimination Claims with $2.6 Million Settlement 

A $2.6 million settlement was reached on behalf of 5,500 employees and former job applicants at Google resolving job pay discrimination claims. Plaintiffs alleged that from 2014 and 2017, the search engine giant discriminated against female employees and employees of Asian descent in the states of California and Washington. Specifically, the plaintiffs alleged that Google was [...]

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Survey at FEMA Uncovers Civil Rights Violations

In early December 2020, FEMA released the results of a survey pertaining to harassment and discrimination within the agency.  The results showed that out of nearly half of agency employees who responded to the survey, 20% of FEMA workers have experienced a civil rights violation due to their sex. Almost the same number of employees said [...]

Supreme Court Decides That Gay, Transgender Employee Rights Covered by Title VII

On June 15, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark opinion prohibiting workplace gender bias based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  This decision was a groundbreaking victory for LGBTQ employees, protecting gay and transgender workers from discrimination. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which was passed in 1964, contains a provision outlawing discrimination [...]

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What Is Considered Sexual Harassment at Work?

What is considered sexual harassment at work? When and where can it happen? Many people do not know the answers to these questions and fail to report unwanted encounters in the workplace. If you question whether you are experiencing sexual harassment at work, chances are something is not right. Below, our civil rights lawyers outline what you [...]

Amtrak Charged $25,000 to Accommodate Two Passengers in Wheelchairs

A Chicago-based advocacy group for people with disabilities contacted Amtrak weeks in advance of their travel date to accommodate their group with five wheelchairs. As mandated by law, the train only had space for three wheelchairs, one per car. Amtrak officials said it would cost $25,000 to remove seats to make room for the two additional [...]

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7th Circuit Reverses Lower Court Decision Concerning Military Employment

David Mueller, Joliet Police Department Sergeant and member of the National Guard, received orders to report for full-time National Guard duty from May to September 2016. Shortly thereafter, Mueller received an email from Joliet’s Chief of Police indicating that he would be placed on an unpaid leave of absence, that he would not accrue personal time [...]

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What Are Common Types of Workplace Discrimination?

If you have recently experienced discrimination at work, you may feel at a loss for what to do. You may wonder if you have options to address the unfair, discriminatory treatment. Fortunately, victims of workplace discrimination have the right to report this discrimination while protected from retaliation. Workers should be aware of the types of workplace [...]

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Marriott Faces $300,000 Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

A 51-year-old African American woman is suing Marriott for racial discrimination. Upon checking-in to the Residence Inn by Marriott Portland Downtown/Convention Center, the woman – a Marriott Rewards member – was asked to sign a “No Party Policy.” The front desk clerk informed her that the policy was established to inform all guests of noise limits. [...]

Wrongful Imprisonment Lawsuit Filed by Grant & Eisenhofer for Man Jailed 14 Years

Grant & Eisenhofer has filed suit on behalf of a Honduran immigrant who was wrongfully imprisoned for fourteen years following his conviction of a double murder he did not commit. Led by G&E director Kimberly Evans and G&E of counsel Joshua Dubin, the lawsuit claims that defendants failed to follow routine investigative procedures—such as comprehensively examining [...]