Survivors of child sexual abuse in the Baltimore Archdiocese have demanded that a lengthy report about their decades-long allegations be released. The Maryland Attorney General had conducted a 4-year massive grand jury investigation into the alleged abuse of nearly 600 children by 158 clergy members, resulting in a 456-page report. The report details the history of sexual abuse claims against Maryland clergy and the perpetrators’ attempts to cover up their crimes. State law requires that a judge approve the release of a grand jury materials, and with the Baltimore City Circuit Court ordering the case sealed Friday, survivors are seeking to assure transparency of the report. The Maryland Attorney General hence filed the motion to disclose certain information from the report. The survivors include two women who are asking for the report to be released as-is—with no redactions. The survivors claim that while students at Archbishop Keough High School, they were violently raped by a priest in the late 1960s and 1970s. G&E principal Barbara Hart, attorney for the survivors filing a motion to intervene in the case said, “These people were robbed of all sense of who to trust when they were very young children.” Release of this report seeks to provide accountability as well as validation—which these survivors desperately deserve.

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