In November 2019, a video depicting a physical altercation between two high school classmates over anti-gay name-calling went viral. Shared widely on Twitter, the video draws attention to what some call a “systemic failure” to address the prevalence of anti-LGBTQ bullying in schools. Unfortunately, for the victim of the anti-gay taunting, this kind of abuse was nothing new to him. His mother notes that her son had been bullied since the second grade, and that the bullying became worse after her came out as gay in seventh grade.

According to a 2017 survey, almost 60% of LGBTQ youth do not feel safe at school due to their sexual orientation. Over 70% of LGBTQ students report that they were verbally bullied, while almost 30% report physical harassment. If your child has been bullied at school due to his or her sexual orientation, please call the attorneys at Grant & Eisenhofer at 844-394-3624 to discuss your potential claim. We offer free consultations.