The Walker County Board of Education recently received a grant through the Alabama State Department of Education to start the “Peer Helpers” program. The program is designed to provide a support network for students.

The “Peer Helpers” program will train students and teachers to become support fellows. In this role, Peer Helpers will be able to address issues such as bullying, drugs and alcohol, abuse and suicidal thoughts.

ThriveWay will provide training and tools. The external company will give students the education and resources needed to respond to a variety of issues their peers may face.

“We train them specifically so that they can support whatever the issue is that the other student is dealing with,” said Steve Rowe, an administrative assistant with the county schools. “Sometimes students are not comfortable talking to adults, so this just gives them an opportunity to talk to somebody they can relate to and understand,” he continued.

The program is expected to be fully implemented throughout the entire county during the 2020-21 school year.

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