Sex Abuse Claims Against Catholic Priest Brought in North Carolina

A December 2020 lawsuit alleges a North Carolina Catholic priest sexually assaulted an altar boy on church property for several years. The plaintiff, now in his 20s, was between the ages of five and seven years old when the alleged assaults occurred. The defendant priest had already served an eight-year prison sentence for sex crimes and [...]

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Filing a Lawsuit Against a Jail After Mistreatment

If you are arrested and sent to jail, you deserve fair and safe treatment. This is a constitutional right. However, prisoner mistreatment and harm does occur in prison systems across the country. When you suffer mistreatment or injury in jail, it is important to explore your legal rights. Can You Sue a Jail for Mistreatment? If [...]

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Sex Abuse Claims against Catholic Clergy Quadrupled in 2019

Sexual abuse has become far too prevalent in recent years—particularly among members of the Catholic priesthood. According to the Washington Post, in 2019, allegations of sex abuse by the Catholic clergy increased 4-fold compared to the prior five years. The annual audit released by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops surveyed 200 diocese and religious entities [...]

New Technology Aims to Stop Cyberbullying

A 20-year old Harvard student was recently named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 social impact list. Her contributions to stop cyberbullying led her to the honor. The first-generation Indian immigrant was the victim of cyberbullying herself, which prompted her to create a new technology called ReThink. The program is designed to detect hurtful messages drafted online [...]

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