School Resource Officer Convicted of Sexual Misconduct

School resource officers are present in about half of schools across the country as many school districts are seeking ways to help keep students safe. However, for students at Lansing Eastern High School in Michigan, their protected learning environment was compromised. School resource officer Matthew Priebe, a 10-year veteran on the force, was convicted of sexually [...]

Chicago Man Granted New Trial after Appeals Court Affirms Coerced Murder Confession

In a recent Illinois Appellate Court decision, Jackie Wilson’s 1982 conviction of armed robbery and murder was overturned, granting him a new trial. After what resulted in the “biggest manhunt in Chicago’s history,” Wilson maintained that two police detectives who interrogated him, beat and tortured him into confessing to the crimes. In 2018, after 36 years [...]

What Does It Mean to Be Exonerated?

Wrongful imprisonment is a fact of life in the American justice system. Research has uncovered some common causes of wrongful conviction. These causes include: Improper Forensics: Forensic science techniques that lack scientific validation or reliability. Eyewitness Misidentification: While eyewitness testimony is widely trusted in courtroom settings, the human memory is not infallible. False and coerced confessions [...]

Man Receives $450,000 Verdict in Mental Health Facility Beating

In early December 2019, a $450,000 verdict was awarded to a mental health patient who contended he was beaten by security therapy aids at Chester Mental Health Center in Chester, Illinois. According to court documents, 20-year old Christopher Novus Davis was pulled to the ground, choked, and punched, all off-camera, while in handcuffs. Davis filed a [...]

Uber Safety Report Reveals Thousands of Sexual Assault Claims

In the last two years, about 1.3 billion rides have been shared with popular ride-hailing company Uber. But a recent report unveils that the company received more than 3,000 incidents of abuse or harassment just last year, and double that figure over the last two years. The reports were made both by drivers and passengers, and [...]

New Bill Passes House Bolstering Civil Rights among Immigrants

In early December 2019, the House of Representatives passed a new bill meant to strengthen the activities of the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Office within the Homeland Security Department. Under the legislation, civil rights and civil liberties officers would have the ability to access relevant department records and subpoena non-federal entities. The legislation comes after [...]

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What Are Leading Causes of Wrongful Convictions?

Can You Sue for Wrongful Conviction? Being convicted of a crime that you did not commit can destroy your life. Even after exoneration, the effects of wrongful conviction can persist and leave you with no idea about what to do next. What options are available? Can you sue for wrongful conviction? Yes, depending on the facts [...]

How to Report Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Am I Facing Workplace Sexual Harassment? Workplace sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and has serious and sometimes permanent traumatic and detrimental effects on victims. Victims of sexual harassment may feel forced to take sick leave or even quit their jobs.  If you are a victim of sexual harassment, know that there are federal [...]

$6,250 Per Year: Maximum Compensation for Inmate Wrongfully Incarcerated for Nearly 3 Decades

In Oklahoma, a man cleared from murder charges who served 28 years behind bars is entitled to just $6,250 for each year that he was wrongfully incarcerated. Oklahoma state law awards a maximum of $175,000 to individuals who are wrongfully convicted and are then exonerated. While thirty-five states, including Oklahoma—and most recently, Indiana and Nevada—have exoneration [...]

Man Wins Supreme Court Appeal, Overturning Murder Conviction

The Supreme Court recently reversed the 2010 conviction of 49-year old Curtis Flowers, ruling that prosecutors wrongfully excluded African-Americans from the jury during Flowers’ last trial. Flowers was imprisoned for 22 years following his arrest relating to a quadruple murder in 1996. He was tried six times for the crimes. The Court concluded that the white [...]